old product

JoLo Child Lock is an old product with the successor TimeLimit.

The JoLo Child Lock allows to limit the usage time of Apps on the smartphones and tablets of your children.
By grouping Apps into different categories, you can set different limits, e.g. games and communication Apps (SMS, Phone, Contacts).

App categories
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Add Apps to categories to allow them. Everything that isn't in a category is blocked.

By default there are the categories "Allowed Games" and "Allowed Apps".


Set time limits. You can choose different ones for every category.

Your child shouldn't write messages or do phone calls after 10 o'clock pm?
Create a category which contains these apps and set a blocking period.

Your child should only play one hour from Monday to Friday and on the weekend not more than 3 hours?
Move all games to a category and limit the usage time of the this category (can be combined with blocking periods).

Remote control
Remote controlclose

From the parent's mobile you can:

  • - change the settings of the JoLo Child Lock
  • - see whether the child lock ist still active
  • - see how much time your children have used today
  • - see the battery charge of your children's devices